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Version : Easy creation and use of 3D figures.

modification mercredi 4 avril 2011.

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New version of MathGraph32 Java presents new predefined constructions to create 3D figures with a movable frame in space.

To use these predefined constructions, use menu item Constructions - Use of predefined constructions et get them from the Space version2 directory.

For a new empty figure with a mobile 3D frame, use predefined construction named Frame In Space.

You can also get a figure with a cylinder, a revolution cone, un tetraedron, a rectangle parallelepiped, a pyramid with rectangle base, a prism with triangular or trapezoidal base.

Other constructions will let you represent a circle or a sphere in a frame of space.

Underneath are three figures showing the kind of figures you can get from these constructions. They can be downloaded at the bottom of this page.

They illustrate the three main cases of the intersection between a revolution cone and a plan in space.

The intersection can be an ellipse, a, hyperbola or a parabola.

These figures are animated by the brand new version of MathGraph32 applet.

Download of this 3.4.0 version of MathGraph32 and it’s applet on this page.

3.4.0 version also fixes a few minor bugs.

Les trois fugures ci-dessus dans un fichier zippé