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Version 6.4 of MathGraph32 JS

modification dimanche 8 décembre 2019.

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Version 6.4 of MathGraph32 JS :

Version 6.4.1 of MathGraph32JS is the first version using version 3 of MathJax.

Thanks to that, dynamic displays of LaTeX become very fluent (no significative différence with text displays) and accentuated characters are perfectly rendered.

Version 6.4.1 of MathGraph32 JS fixes the following issues :

 When saving a figure containing a macro of iterative or recursive construction, the file obtained could not be re opened.

Download on : this page

Use mathgraph32 on line on : this page.

If you use 6.4.0, please update to 6.4.1 which fixes a lot of issues.