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New version 4.8 of MathGraph32 : Iterative and recursive constructions.

modification lundi 27 février 2014.

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New version 4.8 adds two very important features to MathGraph32 :
The possibility to implement a construction in an iterative or recursive way. Of course the construction has to comply to a few rules for this.

Below you can see six figures of example :

The first two figures are obtained with iterative constructions. The first one is a towing curve and the second one shows Newton’s method for solving an equation.

The last fuvefigures are made by recursive constructions. The first one is the famous Von Koch flake, the second one the fractal curve of Hilbert (click on buttons + et -), the third one a random tree, the fourth one a Sierpinski fractal (click on button + and -) and the last one a fractal with fitted circles.

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