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LaTeX Tikz code export with MathGraph32

modification jeudi 19 janvier 2023.

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In the javascript version, MathGraph32 allows the user to export the LaTeX Tickz of the figure to incorporate in a LaTeX document.

The figure will be incorporated in a vectorial form.

Only one restriction for now : the images contained in the MathGraph32 figure will not be exported in LaTeX Tikz.

Download on this page.

To export a figure in LaTeX Tikz, use icon (export icon) and click on item Get LaTeX Tikz code of the figure.

A dialog box pops up as underneath :

You can specify a length in cm to represent the length unity of your figure (if there is one).

You can also discard the use of the unity length of the figure checking the checkbox Choose dimensions of the figure. Then you will have to specify the width of the figure.

You can also ask for a documented code that will make easier to find some elements of the figure in the generated LaTeX code.

After validation, the LaTeX Tikz code of the figure is copied in the clipboard.