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New JavaScript version of MathGraph32

modification dimanche 21 avril 2018.

MathGraph32 has been entirely re-written in JavaScript.

Advantages :

 This version doen’t need Java to be present on your computer.

 A better user interface

 More tools savailable

 You can use MathGraph32 online on this page

 MathGraph32 runs perfectly on mobile device

You can download MathGraph32 JS on this page

You can watch tutorial videos on this page

The JavaScript version can of course open all the figures created with the Java version.

On the long term, Java version of MathGraph32 will no longer be supported.

What is new in the JavaScript version of MathGraph32 :

 No more menu. All the actions on the figure are made through icons and dialog boxes.

 The options of the figure and options of use are available by clicking on this icon

 Export of the figure (image, LaTeX-Tikz code, copy in the clipboard) are made through icon

 Some more advanced tools are available through icon

 Macro cration is available through icon at the right extremity of the display toolbbar.

 Macro-constructions are created via the icon and managed via icon

 Predefined macro-construction are no more included in the software but can be downloaded on this page.