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Version 6.1 of MathGraph32 JS

modification mercredi 6 mars 2019.

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Version 6.0 and 6.1 of MathGRaph32 JS implements important features to the software (6.1 version fixes little bugs) :

 All the displays (text , LaTeX, value display, image) manage an angle relative to the horizontal (value of wich is zero by default) and the value of this angle is dynamical.

 A new tool named compas is available : You create a circle by clicking first on two points giving the radius of the circle then on the circle center).

 You can create objetc locuses of images.

To be noted : With this new version you can open all the figures created by former versions but the former versions will not be able to open the new figures..

Underneath are two figures implementing these new features.

download on : this page

Use mathgraph32 on line on : this page.

On this first figure, the 12 images are an object locus of the image turning when you capture point C and the angle of this image is angle (BA,BC).

On this second figure the graduations are obtained via an object locus of a text display. The angel of the text display varies with the text display.