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7.4.1 version of MathGraph32 : Improvement of matrices with random interger values

modification samedi 4 février 2023.

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7.4.1 version of MathGraph32 modifies the behavior of matrices with random integer values.

Let us recall that, to create such a matrix, you have to expand the calculations toolbar and, on the right, click on icon the choose item Matrix with random integer value.

Before, when you created such a matrix, the cell values where not saved along with the figure.

If you saved the figure and re opened it, the cell values of the matrix had changed.

Worse : If you created such a matrix, then, later, used an Undo-Redo action, the cell values of the matrix were changed.

All these flaws are corrected in 7.4 version.

To be noted :

Another improvement : When you modify a graphic object (created via a dialog box) with tool , this object is blinking behind the dialog box.

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