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7.6 version of MathGraph32 : object reclassment still more efficient

modification samedi 29 juillet 2023.

The 7.6 version of MathGraph32 brings up the following improvement :

In the protocol dialog box, it is now possible to reclass an object before or after another object.

For this, you have to select simultanuously the two objects(Ctrl + Click to select the second object) comme ci-dessous :

The clic :

It may happen that the reclassment may be refused for the figure to remain coherent.

Here is an example.

In the figure was created a frame (system of axes) (without scale) then a point A of coordinates (2 ;3) in this frame along with two free points then a circle with center the first free point and going through the second point.

We activate the protocol tool of the upper toolbar (icon ) then we select the frame and the circle like underneath :

Then we click on icon to reclass the second object (the circle) (le cercle) before the first one (the frame).

Here is the new order of the objects :

You can see that the two free points uses to create the circle have been moved for the figure to remain coherent.

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