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Version 6.2 of MathGraph32 JS

publication Wednesday 3 April 2019.

Version 6.2 of MathGraph32 fixes the following issues :

- It might happen that, under Windows, a double click on a mgj file would not open correctly the figure.

Version 6.2 of MathGraph32 brings the following improvements

- A new tool of measure is available. This tool measures the length of a segement and displays the measure along the segment as shown below.
To be noted : The alignment of the display may be changed using tool of graphical object modification then by clicking ou . This dialog box also allows to modify the number of digits of the display.

- It is now possible to modify the frame associated to several types of measures (x or y coordinates of a point in a frame, affix measure, slope measure).

Download on : this page

Use mathgraph32 on line on : this page.