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Version 6.2.3 of MathGraph32 JS

modification vendredi 16 avril 2019.

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Version 6.2.3 of MathGraph32 JS fixes the following issues :

 The priority of boolean opeartaors & et | was not always accurate.
 The orthogonal projected point was not well described in the figure protocol.
 Modifying values of nbgradx et nbgrady in a frame with scaling didn’t work well.
 Some othe minor flaws have benn corrected.

Version 6.2.3 of MathGraph32 brings the following improvements

 In the LaTeX display dialog box, TAB key allows set the caret position inside the next following brackets.

 For the Mac OSX installable version, keyboard shortcuts didn’t work. It is now working (but implies for the mac version to have a menu on top of the main window).

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