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Version 6.4.8 of MathGraph32

modification vendredi 15 mai 2020.

Version 6.486 of MathGraph32 Javascript fixes the following bug :

 In a complex calculation, a power of negative exponent could not give the good result.

This version fixes also a lot of minor flaws.

The calculation engine has been improved.

The function mod(a,b) giving the reste of the euclidian division of a through b accepts an argument a of negative value.

You can now use the syntax primitive(formula, variable, a, b).

For instance, primitive (x^,x,1,2) will give a result equal to 2²-1²=3 and, in a LaTeX display, \ForSimpf will give the usual representation of a primitive calculation.

In a LaTeX display, the rendering of complex conjugates has been improved (the syntax is conj(z) where z is a complex number already defined).

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