Logiciel libre de géométrie, d'analyse et de simulation multiplateforme par Yves Biton

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Versions 7.7.1 of MathGraph32 (and previous from 7.6.3)

modification lundi 15 janvier 2024.

The 7.6.3 version of MathGraph32 fixed this bug :

 When creating a martrix with random integer values, if the mini (or maxi) value was negative, MathGraph32 could crash.

7.6.3 version of MathGraph32 also brought up this improvement in the \ForSimp LaTeX command (specific to MathGraph32) :

 For example, if function f of variables a and b contains formula a*b*b the LaTeX code returned for \ForSimpf will now be ab \times b (before it was abb)

7.7.0 version of MathGraph32 brought up this improvement :

 In equivalence and factorisation tests a new option is available : replace or not the multipplications by 1 before the formula comparison.

7.7.1 version of MathGraph32 corrected this little flaw (vary rare indeed) : if a macro construction used a variable as intermediary object and if this variable had been created checking the checkbox associated dialog had been checked then, when implementing this construction, unwanted button appeared on the figure (associated to the variables)

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